Alfredo is a multitalented artist with a 20+ experience in musical development and advocacy for the arts for children and adults.
Philippe is a Forward-thinking, creative, and versatile Development Manager ​with 20+ experience in Arts Education and project management.

Our Story

Nusku creative is a Community of learners, parents, and teachers who are passionate and connected through creativity. Our team’s goal and desire are to help children love expressing themselves with Creative Arts and Music. We have been working for the past 20+ years in K-12 Education and Non Profits dedicated to Enrichment Education.

Independent teachers provide all the creative classes; they determine their class content and format. Nusku Creative is always looking for talented individuals with unique Art skills and great passion in their field of expertise. If it is you, contact us anytime or apply to teach.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”