Creative Arts Classes

Creative Arts Classes include activities and workshops for all ages such as Comics, Sketching, Illustration, Character Drawings, Aquarelle, Acrylic Painting, Collages, and more… You can purchase Sketching and drawing materials here and Painting materials on Amazon at Arteza.

You can also reach Michaels for materials such as Brushes and Paint to pick up.

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Pens and Comics for Creative Arts Workshops and Online Classes

Create Your Own Comic Book

Meggie Ramm

The goal of this Creative Arts class is to be a low-stress creative activity to get all students confidently exploring Comics creation.  Each workshop starts with a quick check-in with each student. We then cover specific topics on literary devices relating to the creation of their comic books, followed by some individual work time.

Pens and Comics for Creative Arts Workshops and Online Classes


Meggie Ramm

In the sketching class, students explore different aspects of drawing, such as portraiture, form, and perspective, still life, realism/abstraction, sense of volume, color theory, line, and patterning, but also movement and feeling as well as light and shade.
With a variety of tools and techniques, students have an excellent opportunity to hone and express their creativity.