Alfredo Aguayo - Music Teacher

Alfredo Aguayo

Alfredo learned of music and Mexican traditional music at home and from his loving, music-making family! Founded Wasa love for dance and music, developing the practice into a daily task and participation of local shows, city events, televised shows and annual events in Southern California presenting Ballet Folkloric Mexicano and traditional music, professionally before the age of eighteen. He continues today a career in musical development and advocacy for the arts for children and adults. He participates in summer camps and after school programs locally and has played with musical artists in vast genres in the blues, jazz, folk, hip hop, reggae, and rock as a percussionist, musician, and singer.

Alfredo Aguayo

Time Zone Pacific Standard Time – (GMT -7)

Classes are 1h long

Age Range

7 years old to 12 Years Old

Material Needed



Ukulele – Basics

Fridays – 9 Classes

Start August 14th

 End October 9th

Students get the learning basics like how to hold a ukulele, how to play simple Ukulele chords, and how to strum the instrument. To keep things fun, children learn by playing simple songs!

3 pm – 4 pm